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Mineral Mining

When extracting raw materials of mineral origin, products such as crushed stone, grit, sand or stone powder are created, which are either used directly or processed further.

Optimizations in the processing of mineral raw materials

More than 80 percent of the produced mineral raw materials are used as building materials: limestone and dolomite stone for cement, lime and refractory industry, clay for the production of bricks and ceramic; natural stone, gravel and sand are used in asphalt road and in the sandlime, concrete and precast concrete production. The rock is crushed, washed if necessary and partially milled. This process produces products such as crushed stone, chippings, sand or mineral flour, which are either used directly without further treatment or processing to asphalt and concrete on. In this process, hammer mills, roll crushers, impact mills and jet mills are used. One object is the dedusting from the mill container by attachment filters that are mounted directly on the bunker.

Total separators for the complete takeover of the ground material are manufactured as well. Many mineral resources are even after the crushing process still strongly abrasive. To prevent premature wear of the filter media by abrasive particles in the exhaust stream, these filters are fitted with an integrated pre-separation as a standard.

In the production of quicklime, plaster and cement, raw materials are burned in furnaces. The standalone filters employed here are usually operating at a temperature of 180┬░ C. For this they receive in addition to the heat-resistant paint, an electrical heating and an insulation of exterior surfaces to prevent buildup of condensate.

Field of application in the Mineral Mining

Projects Mineral Mining

dedusting of hammer mills, sieves and belt transfers

  • bagfilter DS 2.4 / 56 / 50 SR, with fan, baffle silencer with blow-out, cabinet and dust collection funnel with rotary valve
  • product: fiber concrete
  • air volume: 8,000 cbm / h

total separator for a grinding plant

  • bagfilter DS 4.5 / 350 / 640 TR, with fan, baffle silencer with blow-out, dust collection funnel with trough screw conveyor and rotary valve, cabinet, scaffold and ladder
  • product: marble
  • air volume: 37,000 cbm / h

dedusting of a sand cooler

  • bagfilter DS 3.0 / 81 / 80 SR, with fan, cabinet and dust collection funnel with rotary valve
  • product: quartz sand
  • air volume: 8,600 cbm / h