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Recycling Technology

The technical recovery variants of "Urban Mining" include, for example, the shredding of devices and old tires whose dusts mainly require bag filters for explosion-reduced applications.

Filtering hazardous substances, dust and process air

Recycling, currently referred to as „urban mining“, includes the cost for recycling of secondary raw materials in the economic cycle and thus closes next to the exploration of secondary deposits and their extraction and processing into marketable products. In Germany, currently more than 1.5 million tons of electrical and electronic waste accrue, of which one part is recycled professionally within the recycling and waste laws.

In process of manual crushing of the equipment dust is released, partly in connection with hazardous substances. We produce bag filters of the Type DS, mainly for explosion-reduced applications that can be equipped with a secondary filter stage, too.

Another area of recycling technology is the shredding of waste tires. These systems are often operated in cold grinding. The process air is thereby enriched with nitrogen, which is why these filters of the DSR series can be equipped with a cold insulation.

Field of application in the Recycling Technology

Projects Recycling Technology

dedusting of a hammer mill, screening machines and belt transfers

  • bagfilter DS 1.8 / 130 / 95 SR, with distribution hood for raw gas, dust collection funnel with trough screw conveyor and pressure relief via burst disk
  • product: electronic waste dust
  • air volume: 15,000 cbm / h

attachment filter on a shredding bunker in nitrogen operation

  • bagfilter DSR 2.0 / 70 / 74 TR, with cold insulation, slewing mechanism and quick locks
  • product: waste tire dust
  • air volume: 8,000 cbm / h

dedusting of a hammer mill, sorting and screening machines

  • bagfilter DS 3.0 / 280 / 340 TR-D, with fan with buffle silencer and blow-out, dust collection funnel with trough screw conveyor and rotary valve, scaffold with gangways and ladders
  • product: electronic waste dust
  • air volume: 50,000 cbm / h