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Mineral Mining

More than 80 percent of the mineral raw materials produced are used as building materials: limestone and dolomite stone for the cement, lime and refractory industries, clay for the production of bricks and ceramics; Natural stone, gravel and sand are e.g. used in asphalt road construction as well as in sand-lime brick, concrete and precast concrete production.
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Salt Mining and Conveyor Systems

A salt deposit usually consists of a mixture of chlorides and sulfates of potassium, magnesium and sodium as well as calcium. There are crystals of easily soluble potassium chloride and magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) as well as the accompanying salts magnesium chloride (hydroscopic) and sodium chloride (table salt) as well as the poorly soluble calcium sulfate (gypsum) in the raw material.
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Food- & Beverage Industry

Few industries are as diverse as the food and luxury food industry. Whether confectionery or dairy products, basic ingredients such as flour, sugar or coffee products: a lot is ground, mixed, dosed and dried.
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Animal Feed Industry

The animal feed produced in the feed industry is mainly offered in the form of process-friendly pellets. In addition to the known crushing options, coarse grinding and fine grinding, drying using belt and counterflow coolers is also used in the manufacturing process.
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Recycling Technology

Recycling, currently also referred to as "urban mining", includes the effort of returning secondary raw materials to the economic cycle and thus includes exploring the secondary deposits as well as extracting them and processing them into marketable products.
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Pharmaceutical Industry

The safe and efficient cleaning of the production plant is important for the production of powdered products in sensitive manufacturing processes. The goal is maximum product recovery. The product particles are filtered dry from the manufacturing process.
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Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is a very large area of ​​application for filtering separators. Technical applications for food, medication and water treatment are manufactured, but also the business areas of detergents and cleaning products, beauty care and adhesive technology ...
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