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Salt Mining and Conveyor Systems

Salt rock is mined underground by drilling, blasting and scouring and, after the dust has been separated, is returned directly to the conveyor belt

Prevent mixing and increase throughput

A salt deposit mostly consists of a mixture of chlorides and sulphates of potassium, magnesium and sodium, and calcium. In the raw materials Crystals of slightly soluble potassium chloride and magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) can be found, as well as the accompanying salts magnesium chloride (hygroscopic) and sodium chloride (table salt), and the poorly soluble calcium sulfate (gypsum).

Our filter systems work underground mostly at belt transfers, belt airdrops, bunkers and screening stations. These top filters are manufactured for the use underground in a compact, pre-assembled design. With a supporting frame, the system is suspended below the mining ridge. By positioning it directly over the belt conveyors it is possible, to feed the product directly back after the separation of the dust from the air stream.

Of course belt conveyors acan be used overground for the loading of bulk goods by sea, by rail or trucks, too. Since there may be a variety of products which are loaded sequentially, mixing must be ruled out frequently. A specifically timed overrun of the jet cleaning prevents this, which all our top filters are equipped with. The principle of the direct product return to the conveyor system remains the same. To avoid caking on the housing by occurring humidity, these systems can also be equipped with an electric heating.

Field of application in the Salt Mining and Conveyor Systems

Projects Salt Mining and Conveyor Systems

bagfilter at a belt airdrop underground

  • belt attachment filter DS 1.1 / 104 / 45 SR, with fan, valve control unit, dust collection funnel and gangway
  • product: rock salt
  • air volume: 7,500 cbm / h

bagfilter in a loading shed

  • belt attachment filter DS 1.0 / 48 / 18 TR, with fan and silencer, cabinet, dust collection funnel with electric heating and insulation, scaffold and ladder
  • product: kieserit / epsom salt
  • air volume: 2,000 cbm / h

bagfilter at a takeover tower underground

  • aspirationfilter DS 1.1 / 130 / 55 SR, with fan, cabinet, dust collection funnel, trough screw conveyor and screw conveyor with rotary valve
  • product: rock salt / potash
  • air volume: 10,000 cbm / h