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Animal Feed Industry

In addition to the coarse and fine grinding in the manufacturing process, the drying and pressing of pellets is also used, whereby the mostly flammable materials pose numerous fire risks.

Less production downtime in the Animal Feed Industry

The pet food produced in the feed industry is mostly in the form of processing-friendly pellets. Besides the crushing possibilities coarse grinding and fine grinding, the drying on tape and counterflow coolers is used in this manufacturing process. The mostly combustible materials and the pressing into pellets, face many risks of fire. Thus, sparks, smoldering or glowing particles generated in the plant can trigger slightly momentous fires and explosions. Therefore, the systems are designed in accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU as well.

The humidity and the water dew point in the deposition of straw and other fibrous products are particularly paid attention to.

Another focus in this area are on-top point filters for containers, elevators or chutes. This stand-alone micro-filters include an attached fan and ensure a dust-free environment during processing. Further filters for bulk gutters at grain intakes are manufactured by us as well.

Field of application in the Animal Feed Industry

Projects Animal Feed Industry

point filter

  • bagfilter DS 1.8 / 6 / 4.0 SR, with attached fan
  • product: fish feed
  • air volume: 710 cbm / h

dedusting of a bulk gutter

  • pocket filter head DT 1.6 / 444-18-25 TR, with attached fan
  • product: grain
  • air volume: 3,700 cbm / h

attachment pocket filter on a mill bunker

  • pocket filter head DT 1.6 / 444-18-25 TR, with attached fan
  • product: animal feed
  • air volume: 3,700 cbm / h