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Food- & Beverage Industry

Whether confectionery or dairy products, basic ingredients such as flour, sugar or coffee products, few industries are so diverse.

Meet hygienic production and explosion guidelines

Few industries are as diverse as the food and beverage industry. Whether confectionery, dairy products, basic ingredients like flour, sugar or coffee products: a lot of grinding, mixing, dosing and drying is done.

When dealing with organic materials such as starch, sugar, spices or cocoa the explosion guidelines must be observed. Therefore, behind the mills, predominantly round filters of the DSR series, in steel or stainless steel, are used in accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. An explosion relief with reduced pressure is as possible as an explosion suppression or a pressure shock design resistant up to 10 bars overpressure. In drying processes, vacuum filters are used with corresponding vacuum strength.

In addition, solutions are often critical for hygienic production. Therefore, all filter media and seals can be executed in accordance with EU Regulation 1935/2004 or in accordance with the FDA standard for food contact. In the stainless steel sector roughness’s < 0.8 microns or below are often grinded. To prevent the removal of colour in the production, filters of steel are frequently not coated in the raw gas chamber. These can get a transport protection from linseed oil, tectyl or cocoa butter.

Field of application in the Food- & Beverage Industry

Projects Food- & Beverage Industry

bagfilter with pressure relief

  • production filter DSR 2.8 / 90 / 94 SR, pressure relief into the room, with dust collection funnel and fire extinguishing system
  • product: tobacco
  • air volume: 9,600 cbm / h

bagfilter pressure resistant up to 10 bars overpressure

  • bagfilter pressure resistant up to 10 bars overpressure
  • product: cocoa pressing cake
  • air volume: 900 cbm / h

bagfilter for vacuum dryer

  • vacuum bag filter DSR 3.0 / 17 /20.8 TR, with slewing mechanism, electric heating and scaffold
  • product: coffee abrasion, husks
  • air volume: 3,400 cbm / h