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Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, in addition to high-purity inorganic fine chemicals, other chemical products such as medicines, detergents, cleaning prducts, cosmetics, adhesives, plastics, fertilizers and others were manufactured.

Filtering separators to ensure a low residual dust content

The chemical industry is a huge scope for filtering separators. There are technical applications for food, medicine and water purification produced, but also for the business areas detergents and cleaning products, beauty products and adhesive technology, plastics, films, coatings require suction elements and filter technology.

Furthermore, high-purity inorganic fine chemicals used in the production of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, are produced, where primary and secondary filter systems are used to ensure a low residual dust content.

Field of application in the Chemical Industry

Projects Chemical Industry

dedusting of mixers, agitators and bag emptying stations

  • bagfilter DS 2.8 / 135 / 150 TR, with fan with baffle silencer and blow out, cabinet, dust collection funnel with rotary valve, scaff old and ladder
  • product: methyl cellulose
  • air volume: 20,000 cbm / h

production filter after an impact crusher

  • bagfilter DSR 3.0 / 94 / 106 SR, with pressure relief via burst disk
  • product: alkylsilanes coated pigments
  • air volume: 10,000 cbm / h

vacuum filter for a mixer

  • bagfilter DSR 0.8 / 1 / 0.4 TR, with slewing mechanism design pressure inside: -1.0 bars test pressure: +13.6 bars temperature: +20°C
  • product: silicic acid, chalk
  • air volume: 150 cbm / h