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Pharmaceutical Industry

Sensitive manufacturing processes and maximum recovery in the production of powder products require dry filtering and subsequent possible wet cleaning of the housing.

Washing, dosing, mixing and drying - the right filter system for every process

In the production of powdery products in sensitive manufacturing processes the safe and efficient cleaning of the production plant is significant. A maximum product recovery is the goal. The product particles are filtered dry from the manufacturing process and after a product change a wet cleaning of the housing can be carried out. Therefore, these filters are almost exclusively manufactured in stainless steels. Completely smooth welding seams and low roughness values are standard equipment in this field.

For these important processes we deliver filters of the DSR series after spiral jet mills, and after the process of dosing, mixing and drying, which can be designed as a vacuum filter with steam heating of the shell plates.

Field of application in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Projects Pharmaceutical Industry

bagfilter pressure resitant up to 10 bars overpressure

  • production filter DSR 1.8 / 34 / 24 TR-D, with slewing mechanism and steam operated funnel heating
  • product: PP-powder
  • air volume: 2,200 cbm / h

bagfilter after a mixer

  • production filter DSR 2.4 / 33 / 34 TR, with slewing mechanism
  • product: citrate, carbonate
  • air volume: 2,500 cbm / h

vacuum filter for a mixer

  • attachment filter DSR 1.15 / 9 / 4.2 TR-B, with slewing mechanism, welded insulation, outside surfaces completely glass bead blasted
  • product: gantrez
  • air volume: 1,000 cbm / h